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What's the Meaning of Front Maintenance of LED Display

Apr. 20, 2021

What's the meaning of rear service and front service?

Why led divided into rear maintenance and front maintenance?

As below will be show more information about it for all of you:

1. LED Screen would be divided into rear service and front service

Rear service means that it doesn't have enough space for a person to do back installation or back maintenance from back side, therefore, it needs to do front service. If led screen installed in a high place, we will always recommend to do back maintenance, because it will danger for the worker to do maintenance from the front side.

2. Front service would be divided into magnetic front service, front-opne service, modular front service.

Magnetic front service usually used for indoor led wall, module with magnets to the simply iron cabinets.

Fron-open service can be used for indoor and outdoor, and it has single side and double side front-open cabinet. It's higher usually limited within 2meter, and width is customized according to module size.

Modular front service has P3.91 outdoor, P4.81 outdoor, P4 outdoor,P5.33 outdoor, P6.67 outdoor, P8 outdoor, P10 outdoor, module size is 320*320mm, cabinet size is 960*960mm, cabinet material can be made with iron cabinet or magnesium alloy cabinet both.



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